Angie`s List is a popular platform where consumers can find and review local service providers. Before using the site`s services, it`s important to understand the Angie`s List Membership Agreement, which outlines the terms of use and membership requirements.

Membership Requirements

To become a member of Angie`s List, you must be at least 18 years old and agree to the Membership Agreement. You also must not have any prior violations of the agreement. Membership requires payment of an annual fee, which varies depending on the type of membership and location.

Terms of Use

The Membership Agreement outlines the terms of use for Angie`s List. Members are prohibited from using the platform for unlawful or unethical purposes, such as spamming or posting false information. Members must also comply with local, state, and federal laws when using the platform.

Privacy Policy

The Membership Agreement also includes Angie`s List`s privacy policy. Members are required to provide accurate and up-to-date personal information to Angie`s List. This includes your name, address, and payment information. Angie`s List may use this information to contact you about your account, to provide services to you, and for other purposes outlined in the privacy policy.

Reviews and Ratings

Angie`s List is best known for its crowdsourced reviews and ratings system. Members are encouraged to provide honest and accurate reviews of local service providers. Members must also follow certain guidelines when writing reviews, such as avoiding personal attacks and keeping reviews focused on the service received.

Intellectual Property

The Membership Agreement outlines Angie`s List`s intellectual property rights. Members are prohibited from copying, modifying, or distributing Angie`s List`s content without permission. Members are also prohibited from using Angie`s List`s branding or trademarks without permission.

Termination of Membership

Angie`s List reserves the right to terminate a member`s account for violations of the Membership Agreement, or for any reason with or without cause. If your membership is terminated, you may not be entitled to a refund.

In conclusion, understanding and following the terms of the Angie`s List Membership Agreement is essential for members. By doing so, you can ensure a positive experience with the platform and avoid any potential issues, such as account termination.