DRS-MUN Where Your Voice Matters
DRS-MUN Where Your Voice Matters
DRS-MUN Where Your Voice Matters
DRS-MUN Where Your Voice Matters
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Stimulation of International Diplomacy

Model United Nations (MUN) stimulates international diplomacy by providing participants with a platform to engage in diplomatic discussions and negotiations. It cultivates skills in diplomacy, negotiation, and consensus-building, while fostering a global perspective and promoting cross-cultural understanding among participants.

Research & Preparation

MUN requires extensive research and preparation from participants. They delve into assigned countries' policies, positions, and perspectives or roles, equipping themselves with in-depth knowledge on global issues. This process enhances their understanding, critical thinking abilities, and enables effective engagement during MUN debates and discussions.

Skill Development

MUN offers a valuable platform for skill development. Participants enhance their critical thinking, public speaking, and negotiation skills by engaging in debates and discussions. MUN also promotes research, teamwork, leadership, and cultural awareness, empowering individuals to become effective communicators and global citizens.


DRSMUN, a tradition undertaken since the last 10 years, continues to explore the depths of creativity and critical thinking. With a plethora of students joining the MUN, the platform encourages students to represent and undertake the responsibilities of International diplomats, additionally, emphasising the development of soft and hard skills through this momentous and diplomatic event.
With DRSMUN being one of the most prestigious and progressive events, we represent a realistic global community enriched with fervent communication, observation and learning.

As a result, we as a community enhance our knowledge and understanding of the process of international debate and negotiation (diplomacy functions), while simultaneously educating participants on the topic of promoting peace and the work of the United Nations through cooperation and diplomacy. With myriads of engaging and enthralling discussions and debates, we create a high-quality platform
to welcome and interact with delegates and the MUN community, to assist and contribute to solving real-world issues.

We’d like to leave you with this statement that we stand for, “DRSMUN, a place where like-minded diplomats with different perspectives come together.”

Why Join DRS Model UN ?

Participate in DRS MUN

Being a chair in MUN makes one a moderater of a committee. Chairs are experienced students who are responsible for running the committee and guiding delegates in matters of agendas and rules of procedures. They also make an extensive research/ background guide on the agenda.

Participating in various MUN conferences has given me courage, knowledge and confidence to stand tall amongst my seniors.

Ishan Jasuja Student, DRSIS

I am blessed to be a part of DRSIS MUN, have learnt a lot by being exposed to this new sphere and i am determined to continue my MUN journey.

Kyathi Student, DRSIS

MUNs have played an integral role in my overall development as a... "LEADER- LEARNER- WINNER"

Manas Varalwar Student, DRSIS

Young leaders brew on one Dias of diversity of views and debate which is MUN.

Devina Student, DRSIS

"I will always cherish DRSMUN2K17 and hope the same for each and everyone of you attending this year's DRSMUN".

Tanisha Student, DRSIS