Dr. Muradia is an alumnus of Delhi University who earned an Honours degree in Commerce, M.Phil in Motivational Theories and a Ph.D. in Human Resource Development. He is also a Management Post Graduate (MBA) in Strategic Management.
As an associate resource person to various other educational groups, Dr. Muradia has a proven track record in curriculum development, training and employee engagement. He participated in MUN Conferences right from his college days as delegate and later as teacher advisor. He has also been a Creative Head and member of think tank for organizing MUN Conferences for several educational groups he worked with.

Dr. Gaurav Muradia , Principal DRSIS (Advisor)

He has been working as the Vice Principal of DRSIS since May 2016, prior to which he worked as Head Master and Vice Principal in various schools. HE has obtained a Master's Degree in Leadership in Education, in addition to a Masters in Biotechnology. His interests range from Politics, football, Literature. He is keenly interested in DRSMUN and MUN at national and International levels. He has a keen sense of curiosity, inquisitiveness, and as spirit of Inquiry.

Mr. Rudolf Noronha, Vice Principal (Advisor)

Mrs. Janet Fanaian is a citizen of India but she hails from Iran. A truly international person, Janet is a Baha’i whose passion for world peace and oneness of mankind through united efforts guides her life. She has researched citizenship values in her M Phil and her thirst for knowledge is insatiable. She is a senior facilitator in DRS International School and president of DRSMUN.

Mrs. Janet Fanaian, Senior Facilitator DRSIS (Advisor)